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Interacting with influence

Thanks for joining me at the Canada Health Infoway all-employee meeting.

A few things:

  • Feel free to download the PDFs using the URLs below.
  • Use any of the content for your internal learning and development. 
  • Questions/comments? Connect right here: connect@heathslawner.com 

Here are the downloads:

  1. Hot Tips on Working with the 5 Conflict Styles (PDF)
  2. "15 ways to Build Trust Fast" (PDF e-book) by C. Green
  3. Thomas-Kilmann Inventory (PDF version if you want to do a 360º)
  4. "Bringing out the Best in your People" by L. Wiseman (PDF of the HBR Article)
  5. "Find Your Why" (link to an excerpt from the new book)

Lastly, Simon Sinek's original TED talk, "How Great Leaders Inspire Action."

In my opinion, this is required viewing for anyone working at a mission-driven organization like yours.