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How do we build stronger trust-based relationships, inspire action, and get people to say "yes" more often?



How do we build stronger trust-based relationships, inspire action, and get people to say "yes" more often?


For over 15 years, Heath has been developing his skills as a writer, designer and facilitator in a wide variety of public and private sector environments. He's honed his ability to create interactive programs from scratch by learning from some of the world's best trainers and designers, including Thiagi. With innovative, yet proven techniques, Heath consistently equips participants with tools and tactics that they can immediately use to lead, inspire action, build powerful trust-based relationships and influence more effectively.

It all happens at the intersection of Leadership, Influence and Trust. 



Principles of Persuasion™ Workshop

Based on the lifelong work of world-renowned researcher and best-selling author Dr. Robert Cialdini, the POP workshop significantly increases your capacity to build relationships, drive change and influence the mindset and behaviour of everyone you interact with, including colleagues, customers, clients and partners. Especially useful for those who must influence people over whom they have no formal authority, This program presents the latest in evidence-based research, providing participants with the tools and techniques to excel in today's workplace. Watch Cialdini's 6 Principles Video.

Heath is the only person in Canada certified to deliver the POP Workshop. Offered in various formats, including half-day, full-day and 1.5-day. Download the fact sheet.

Negotiation & Influence

The focus of this workshop is to experience the tension and conflict inherent in negotiations and to learn how to positively influence others to move in your direction. The workshop activities are interactive and experiential. You will leave the workshop with a set of principles that you can follow to more successfully persuade others and negotiate agreements. Since influence is a core competency for today's leaders, the workshop will enhance your ability to think strategically, to step back and assess when and how to present your opinion for maximum leverage while remaining ethical.

Individual WHY Discovery

Do you know your WHY – the core purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do every day? Imagine a world where people wake up inspired to go to work, feel safe while they are there, and return home at the end of the day fulfilled by the work they do, with the feeling that they have contributed to something bigger than themselves. That world starts with WHY.

In this 6-hr interactive workshop, you will participate in a series of reflective and experiential exercises to discern and articulate the essence of your WHY so that you can think, act and communicate in ways that are more consistently aligned with your core purpose.

Organization WHY Discovery

As simple as the Why concept is to understand, one of the biggest challenges a team or organization will face is clearly articulating its purpose, cause or belief — its Why. While it may be felt, it can be difficult to put into words. Finding the words for our Why is the first step in being able to effectively communicate it. Until it can be put into words, it’s very difficult to put it into action and nearly impossible to scale. Inspired by Simon Sinek’s Why Discovery Process, this workshop focuses on helping teams or organizations find and articulate their Why in simple language that inspires action. Your team will leave the workshop with:

  • A foundational knowledge of the Golden Circle & how it can be applied
  • The first draft of the organization’s Why statement, showing both Contribution and Impact
  • A framework for relating the Why to the organization’s values and guiding principles
  • A deeper awareness and appreciation of the human attributes that inspire your culture
  • Some starting points & opportunities for immediate application of your Why

Influence Without Authority

For intact groups with less time, Heath offers shorter half-day and 1-day training programs, combining the best influence and trust-building content and exercises, all customized to your specific group's needs and requirements.

Building Trust-Based Relationships

How to Think, Act and Communicate as a Trusted Advisor Lively, interactive, and practical, this half-day or one-day workshop is based on real-life problems that participants bring to the session. Becoming a Trusted Advisor is built on the Trust Equation™, with a focus on increasing participants’ credibility, reliability and intimacy while lowering self-orientation. At its root, the Trusted Advisor methodology helps participants improve client/customer relationships, increase sales without “selling,” become better leaders, and build stronger teams faster, with less stress and more fulfillment. Workshops are ideally suited for 20-400 people. Upon completion of the Trusted Advisor workshop, we can further impact your organization’s effectiveness by providing group coaching in the form of a follow-up webinar.

In partnership with Best Practice Learning Solutions, Canada’s exclusive Trusted Advisor® Associate, Heath guarantees you get the tools and core messages of the award-winning and proven Trusted Advisor program. Please visit www.trustedadvisor.com for more information.


"We are stronger together than we could ever be alone."

Heath partners with a resource network of top instructional design experts to develop, design and facilitate world-class programs for clients all around the world. As a trusted advisor, Heath has a vested interest in making sure every training workshop and every program is a perfect fit. That means taking the time to understand the environment in which people are operating, the challenges they face, and then determining the right content that will equip and inspire participants to succeed back on the job. 

Heath talking about Simon Sinek's 'Golden Circle' (09/15)

How Do You Repair Broken Trust?

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Clients Agree

Heath engages, connects and shows up to serve  

Clients Agree

Heath engages, connects and shows up to serve